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Arancini appetizer of Fig, cheese and ham Sicilian.So many of us love Italian food: pasta, pizza, risotto, lasagna. One of the most popular street snacks on the island of Sicily is arancini. It’s fried rice balls with different fillings. Differently they are called “little oranges” because of the similarity of the same fruits that grow here. The traditional recipe got the Italians from the Arabs. The filling consisted of foods such as meat, cheese, and green peas. As well as saffron. Now a great many recipes for arancini can be found in Sicily, and around the world. As a filling use different types of meat (minced pork or beef), some prefer ham or bacon. Put cheeses (Pecorino, mozzarella, Parmesan). In Russia, a dish like arancini became known not so long ago. Our chefs have adapted it. Cheese is often used domestic solid varieties, for the basics of food does not take risotto, and the usual round figure. Sometimes the balls are not fried in oil, and baked in the oven.On 13 December in Sicily celebrate the feast day of an early Christian Saint Martyr Lucia. This day can’t eat anything starchy, so in Italy you can meet dozens of variations of appetizers arancini.To prepare Arancini we will need the following ingredients:1) round grain Rice – 300 gr.2) Broth – 1 l 3) Onion – 1 4) dry Basil – 1 tsp.l.5) dry Oregano – 1 tsp.l.6) Paprika – 1/2 tsp.l.7) Шафран8) Olive oil – 2 tbsp 9) Egg white – 1 piece 10) Soft cheese – 100 gr.11) Ham – 100 gr.12) Rice сухари13) масло14 Vegetable) Salt, pepper – to taste Source: Готовим с Надеждой @ Youtube.

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