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Asian lunch at a Vegan. Very sharp! Vegan without borders

don’t forget to subscribe, new video:)Instagram: My stream: Recipe:a Pack of soy meat, one pepper, two tomatoes, ginger. Linseed oil. Any soy sauce, you can mix several. (I have just the soy sauce was sweet and sour), Chop the vegetables, pour the oil, throws the vegetables, put the frying mode for 10 minutes, 160 degrees. Soak for 10 minutes the soybeans in boiling water. Periodically stir the vegetables after 10 minutes drain off water, not pressing. Put soy to the vegetables, continue to fry with the lid closed. Stirring occasionally. After 5 minutes put the sauces. Stir and close the lid for 3 minutes. After adding spices to taste. Stir, cover until tender 3-5 minutes. Can serve, Bon appetit)#Vegan #Recipe #vegan Source: Nikas E @ Youtube.

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