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Attack RESULTS , Dukan Diet, DIARY, WEIGHT loss, Dukan diet menu I lose weight how to lose weight

I’m in Instagram as @natalie.reality. A REFERENCE➡ this ⚖this ⚖this ⚖this Initial weight 100 kg, 650гр. Height 162 cm Age 26 years. If you wish to support my channel(I’m saving up for the ring light).Sberbank 63900242 9007898756 Natalya K. Donat THANK you Hello, this is my new video. Attack RESULTS , Dukan Diet, DIARY, WEIGHT loss, Dukan diet menu I’m losing weight, how to lose weight,This diet is for those who are tired to consider and weigh, in spite of the fact that the attack very difficult stage and has many limitations, Dukan does not restrict the number of meals and their frequency. At this stage, the weight loss is very rapid, since diet is very limited, but it should be. As with any protein diet, the basis of the diet is meat, but it is only on the attack, then added the vegetables. In this video I will show you the Dukan diet menu that I used for 6 days of attack. Also in this video the Dukan diet reviews, and specifically my opinion on my mental health and the number of dropped kilograms, the Dukan Diet is a proper diet or not. Difficult question the opinions of experts were divided, but the fact remains that millions of people have successfully lost weight on this system. how to lose weight quickly? It is the stage the attack gives almost instant results, but this stage is individual and requires responsibility. The Dukan diet attack phase allowing to enter the diet and to get the first results. If you are interested in Dukan diet recipes, in this video I show everything I ate, and all these meals are easy to prepare. Before beginning the Dukan diet calculate weight on the official website in order to learn how to stick to attacks and other stages. Dukan attack has almost no contraindications, in the book Dr. Dukan writes that even people with only one kidney adhere to this diet. Like any diet for weight loss it has both positive and negative feedback. The choice is yours. In the network there are sites that host recipes ducane, this attack Dukane can turn into a festive feast, if you stock up on the necessary products and a bit to spend time on cooking. Source: Natalie Reality Как похудеть и не сойти с ума @ Youtube.

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