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Awesome Appetizer of Tomato SCATTERS PER SECOND

YOU WILL PREPARE THIS SNACK CONSTANTLY INSTAGRAM: Channel TELEGRAM: the Recipe Below Video!!!And Playlists with Other Recipes on My Channel!*******************************************ON MY CHANNEL THERE ARE MANY MORE DELICIOUS RECIPES. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: **************************************a New Channel about Our Lives. Vlog. Subscribe!!! ******************************************* JOIN IN the SOCIAL СЕТЯХInstagram: Channel Telegram: the Classmates: My Vkontakte: My page in Facebook: a Community on Google+ : *************************************** My BOOK: **************************** Look on my channel R1Вот channel settings: ASTRA 1M (19.2°), 11 611 Mhz, Horizontal, 22000 Msym/s (FEC) 5/6 **************************** Recipe:Vegetable oil 50 mlvoda 30 Luxus 9% 25 mlakar 3. logical logocracy 1 tbsp. sweet paprika 1 story pepper 1 stcatnoc 6 subcellular 20 chetrusca 20 promitory 700 gr********************** MY PLAYLISTS:1) Sweet dishes. Cakes, Desserts and Different Sweets. You simply will love and will always be to cook: ) the Second dish, this playlist is dedicated to the delicious recipes of dishes and Savory baked goods: ) New Dishes in this playlist I will share with you the new products : ) Salads – homemade recipes, it is better you have no one to cook: ) Very Quick and Simple recipes, BUT VERY TASTY (Cheap and cheerful) : ) Recipes in the slow cooker: )low-Calorie Recipes: ) Delicious Barbecue and Grilled Food: 9) Recipes to post: ) the Jam – the taste of summer. Conservation and koporka ) Cocktails, delicious tea and different drinks ) delicious sauces to any dish )Proven life hacks for the Kitchen!!! )Basket for the Weekend (Ready-to-menu): )the Decoration of cakes and other dishes: ) All the Playlists: ***************************************For advertising and collaboration: [email protected]#Закуска #Alamata Source: Ольга Матвей @ Youtube.

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