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AWESOME SUMMER THE SAUCE FOR 5 MINUTES! Juicy, flavorful! Recipe nastojashego Italian pesto!

a delicious pesto sauce) and look at the beautiful rich color, aroma and taste is beyond words. This is a sauce of Italian cuisine adapted for Russian ingredients. The recipe below!DELICIOUS RECIPES FOR a FESTIVE LUNCH AND DINNER:GREEN BREAD WITH a SURPRISE MEAT IN FRENCH CHRISTMAS LOAF POTATOES IN the OVEN WITH the AWESOME CRUST BEET SALAD WITH GARLIC, NUTS AND CHEESE PIE WITH CABBAGE DELICIOUS PUMPKIN FRIES IN the OVEN SPICY POTATO CAKES WITH CHEESE DUMPLINGS FOR your FAVORITE DELICIOUS HOMEMADE CHEESE IN 30 MINUTES PIE WITH TOMATOES AND CHEESE DELICIOUS PIZZA MARGHERITA PUMPKIN SOUP chicken Breast with rice and corn Group VK Page Facebook Group OK Page instagram Subscribe to the channel BivKen Chef All recipes Ingredients:Basil – 70 g garlic – 5 g. salereceive nuts – 20 g. Parmesan cheese – 40 g olive oil – 10 tbsp lemon juice – 1 tbsp Preparation:1. Basil, chop and put into blender.2. Then put chopped garlic cloves, salt and pepper to taste, lemon juice, peeled pine nuts, and olive oil, grind in a blender, process olive oil.3. Grate cheese on a grater and put to the sauce, again all whisk. Olive oil bring the sauce to the desired consistency.4. Put the sauce in a jar and pour olive oil. Store in the refrigerator for a few days. There is a pesto you can just spreading on bread, preferably homemade) with pasta, or make a snack with tomatoes and mozzarella.#societat #pesto #BivKenШЕФ Source: Katya BivKen-ШЕФ @ Youtube.

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