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Banana cake on the book by Victoria Miller “Cheesecake inside”/banana cake/banana mousse

Today we prepare a cake according to the book “Cheesecake inside” B. Melnichnye acquired here: •Banana sponge cake:Eggs-3 pieces Sugar-And-25 gchar B-110 ochistnye banana-130 limonny juice-7 gmuca-90 kukuruznyj starch-20 razryhlitel-5 Gal-pinch•Namelaka:Gelatin 2 g (200 bloom)+10 g of water for samazinasanai chocolate-75 Moloko-60 Slivki 30%-105 glukozy syrup-6 grams•Peanut butter ganache:Cream from 30% -100 garakhanova pasta-60 Temny chocolate-45 Gbely chocolate-20 g•Banana mousse:Gelatin-4 g(200 bloom)+20 g vodyana-180 Sahar-55 limonny juice-12 Slivki 30%-160 g•Decoration of cream:Cream 30%-120, gcaca-30 saharnaya powder-15 g•Ganache to cover:Milk chocolate-205 Slivki from 30% -75 Maslo a creamy 100 glukozy syrup-24 гInstagram: Group VK: Video shot for channel Sweetland, which presents the following topics: baking recipes, cake recipes, recipes for oven, Breakfast recipes, recipes for the new year, pastry recipes, fancy recipes, simple recipes, recipes mousse cakes, quick recipes, recipes for Easter, workshops, recipes for birthday, holiday, decoration for cakes, cream, marshmallows recipes. Nastya Sweetland will tell you how to prepare a cream cake without yeast, drinks, sweets, cakes, cheese cake, carrot cake, food for the holiday meals at Easter, seerosenteich, cake 3 chocolate banana cake on the book by Victoria Miller “Cheesecake inside” and tea dishes. On the channel you can also see the unpacking of parcels from online stores and reviews of confectionery novelties. Source: Настя l SweetLand @ Youtube.

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