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Beef in garlic and honey fill with rice Cooking together

Cooking together / Minute receptionarea in garlic-honey sauceingredients :Beef – 400 CEREC Bulgarian – 1 stloc – 1 stcatnoc – 4 subcision, black pepper – unususally:Apple cider Vinegar – 1 stakanam lemon – 2 tbsp. led – 1 St. Chesnok – 3 subcategory pepper – vosprijatija :Meat cut into cubes. Onions to chop half rings. Pepper cut into strips. Garlic finely chop. Fill:press out the Garlic in chesnokodavilke. To garlic add the vinegar, honey, lemon juice, black pepper. Stir well to completely dissolve the honey. In frying pan, pour sunflower oil, put the meat, add salt and pepper. Fry until soft. To the meat add the onions, peppers, garlic, stir. Add the filling, simmer until tender, about 30-40 minutes. Prepared meat put on the side, very well suited Fig.Bon appetit. Thank you for add likes and watch our video.Link to this video We instagram to Subscribe to the channel PRO Tag Subscribe to our family channel Family DIY Play #PROБирка #gotovimsia #minutesread Source: PRO Бирка @ Youtube.

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