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Beef Kremlin – Beef stewed in a cauldron with onions and garlic (the Central Asian vers.)

Recipe Beef on the Kremlin – braised beef in butter with onion, carrots, garlic and paparick pepper.Ingredients:1. Meat (beef) – 800 grams;2. Onions – 3-5 pieces;3. Carrots – 1 nil.;4. Semi-sweet pepper;5. Garlic – 1 clove;6. Butter – 150 grams;7. Salt to taste;8. Black pepper to taste;9. Dill – 0.5 beam;10. Green onions 0.5 beam.(The version of the recipe without vinegar and sugar, with paperchem pepper and carrot)Recipe side dishes – Source: Happy ePovar @ Youtube.

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