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Beef royally

“Beef People”will be a real decoration of your table Juicy beef and creamy mushroom sauce will not leave anyone indifferent !⠀ white mushrooms can be safely replaced by mushrooms (if dried mushrooms add flavor to a handful) cream you can substitute sour cream⠀you prepare ?Be sure to keep a prescription!I’m sure you will love!——————-And to give me a like❤️ ——————-⠀➡️ Products: the size of the form 18х24х7 see✔ app 800 grams beef tenderloin✔ this salt and pepper✔ app 4 tbsp. soy sauce✔ this flour for obvalivanie✔ lot 2 PCs onion✔ app 4 tooth of garlic✔ app 600 g porcini mushrooms✔ app is 100 grams of cream of 20-30%✔ app 3 tbsp cheese grated✔ this dill✔ this oil for frying➡ this Trade:▪ this meat slice thinly across the grain, repelling from both sides. In a bowl, season with salt and pepper, pour soy sauce. Stir▪this in frying pan heat 2 tbsp oil, fry chopped onion▪now add the finely chopped garlic, cook 2 min▪now add the mushrooms, mix well.Close the lid. Cook until evaporated liquid▪this beef chops, roll in flour, fry in vegetable oil on both sides▪good but the mushrooms pour the cream , season with salt and pepper. Stir, cook 2 min. Add grated cheese, stir and remove from heat▪this in a baking dish spread a little creamy mushroom sauce, remove the meat, pour the sauce▪now you can pour 50 ml of water and cover with foil (I covered). Bake 30 minutes at 180*C▪this is the finished dish sprinkle with chopped dill✅ Ready ✅Author @gotovim_s_likoi#beef #royally #cooking #of Mojada #of eded #recepti_for_inst #Goodies #sweets #taste #lunch #recipes #recipe #food #tasty #delicious Source: Recepti_for_inst @ Youtube.

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