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Beef with vegetables, “Kuban” Anatoly Miroshnikov

Good day!Continuation of my original project “delicious bodybuilding with Taktarov “We, together with the head of Department on physical culture and sports of Krasnodar city @miroshnikov_a_n_ under interesting conversation with a good conversationalist has prepared for You the delicious beef with vegetables “In Kuban on the grill”!!! During cooking You will learn how to cook is absolutely not a difficult dish to rest And we will discuss the following:✅ What are the norms of the G. T. O?✅What kind of sports does the head of the city of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervushov?✅ Who was the first Olympic champion in the Kuban?✅ The programs at fitness centers ✅ What the calendar “Sports events”?✅ What a surprise awaits Visitors at the “sportsman’s Day”? ⠀ To buy Weber grill here: Ingredients: beef Fillets 250 gracean 150 gryr “Cecil” 50 comidor 50 graus “Tkemali” 20 gr Pomegranate 10 grinza 2 crocrop 2 griman 2 grly red 150 g Marinade for onions( salt , vinegar 9%, sugar, Water) don’t forget:New video “Delicious bodybuilding” come out every Monday! ⠀Don’t forget to subscribe in order not to miss a single recipe!And also, enjoy my project your likes and comments!⠀Eat not only healthy, but DELICIOUS and BEAUTIFUL, with Taktarov!⠀Videographer and editor @marsianskii_sadovod⠀[email protected]@arezun⠀Designer [email protected]__natti Source: Вкусный Бодибилдинг с Валерием Тактаровым @ Youtube.

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