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BEST PP BREAKFASTS / TOP Ideas for the morning / Diet recipes

Rather write down the recipes✎..Coconut cupcakes – 200g cottage Cheese – egg Yolks 3 – 5g baking Powder – Vanilla – Shsam to taste – Coconut flour 5CT.l.- Milk 50ml – 3pcs Whites – a Bit of dark chocolate KBZHU per 100g – 182/15/8/14___________________________________Lazy khachapuri – Eggs – 3pcs Grated light cheese 80g+15g – any Flour 80g – 150g Soft cheese – Salt to taste – baking Powder 1/2H.l.KBZHU per 100g – 165,4/14/7,2/13__________________________________________________banana Pancakes – Buttermilk, curdled milk 100g – Soda 1/2 hours.l.- Bananas 2pcs Eggs 2pcs – date Syrup optional 2-3st.l.- Baking powder 2H.l.- Rice flour 140гКБЖУ per 100g – 157/5/2,4/27,7______________________________________________________Osamabin – cereal 3-4st.l.- Eggs 2 pieces – Cheese to taste (can be any filling to do)- Salt to taste – Soft cheese 2st.l.KBZHU per 100g – 190/15/11/13______________________________________________________Coconut cookies – 170g cottage Cheese – Egg – Coconut paste without sugar, butter 10g – Shsam to taste – a pinch Vanilla – Coconut 2st.l.- Corn flour 50g Rice flour 30g – baking Powder 1.5 tsp. KBZHU per 100g – 218/13/10/19____________________________________Toast with avocado and poached egg – whole wheat bread – Avocado – Lemon juice 1ch.l.- Salt spices to taste – Tomato – Eggs_____________________________________________ Bon appetit!))) Source: KиноVieW @ Youtube.

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