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In the midst of summer heat a simple #dessert with sour cream jelly with raspberries will be most welcome. And since summer season is in full swing – catch step-by-step video recipe for the best summer dessert!Sour cream for cooking sour cream jelly with raspberries, I took the low-fat, 15% fat. If you replace the sour cream into cream – no less tasty, but will not be this elusive acidity inherent in the sour cream. I tried cooking a dessert with sour cream and cream, my sour cream was delicious. Cream – this is Panna cotta, Italian cold dessert.Raspberry and jelly and cream so well that I just don’t recommend you to prepare this dessert with anything else while the raspberry season is not over. Graviola sweet jelly with a slight raspberry acidity very good friends. In addition, also the color of the raspberry adds mood to the dessert.Below I give a list of ingredients to prepare this sour jelly, and they should be enough for 6 servings. But the cups should be approximately 200 ml, in the case of a large volume of servings of just the glasses will be filled with dessert not up to the top, and I have, by two thirds (my cups with a volume of 300 ml).Freezes this graviola jelly quite quickly, within 30 minutes after commencement of cooling jelly and cream can be considered ready. The main step in the preparation of sour jelly it took me about 10 minutes (not counting the 45 minutes on the swelling of gelatin).Ingredients:20 g gelatin (one package)200 ml воды500 ml сметаны1 tsp vanilla сахара80 g sugar пудры1 Cup of Malinina the website We are on Facebook To communicate [email protected]Все photos, videos, and recipe – Elena Zolotuhina video – Vladimir Zolotukhinskiy from many THANKS for viewing. You are the BEST!!! Source: Домашний Морс @ Youtube.

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