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braised pork in Apple sauce (recipe on dinner) / pork stew with apple juice | YUMMY ADVENTURES

Today we will prepare BRAISED PORK IN APPLE SAUCE. Today we’re going to cook STEW PORK WITH APPLE SAUCE.Hello! My name is nick. I love to cook and learn new recipes. On my channel you can see recipes from different countries, as well as desserts.Hello everyone! My name is Nika. I love to cook and learn new recipes. You can find various cuisines recipes and desserts on my channelИнгредиенты:loin of pork 4 stsol to kosupure on cusparia 3 tbsp brown sugar 3 tbsp 250 ml Apple сока1 tbsp soy соуса2-3 tbsp corn krakhmalnikova for вкусу1 green яблоко1 GrandCentral medium size 5 шт2-3 tbsp молока1 tbsp butter massapagani recipe #pork #nowin #porkrecipeIngredients:pork loin 4 piecessalt to tastepepper to tastemustard 3 tbsp brown sugar 3 tbsp 250ml Apple juice1 tbsp soy sauce2-3 tbsp corn starcharugula to taste1 green apple1 pomegranatemedium-sized potatoes 5 pieces2-3 tbsp milk1 tbsp butter1) Rub the pork on both sides with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, the pan should already be warmed up.2) Reduce the heat to 6 power (I have an electric stove) and fry the meat on all sides for 2 minutes. Remove the meat from the pan on the board.3) Brush the meat with mustard and rub in the brown sugar.4) Put the meat back in the pan, reduce the heat to 3.5) Pour in the mixture of apple juice and soy sauce.6) Cover the pan with a lead and let it stew for 40-50 minutes.7) While the meat is stewing, wash and cut the potatoes into pieces and cook it in salted boiling water for 15-20 minutes, then do the puree, adding butter and gradually pouring milk.8) Remove the meat from the pan, it must rest before consumption. 9) Meanwhile, strain the sauce through a sieve into a separate bowl and pour it back into the pan.10) Evaporate over medium heat to a boil. Now add cornstarch little by little (it is best to pre-sift through a sieve) and cook for another 5-7 minutes.11) Cut the apple into thin slices. Wash arugula. Clean the grenades. Mix the ingredients together in one bowl.MY PLAYLISTS/ MY PLAYLISTS:Mousse/ Mousses – Macaroons/ Macarons – Biscuits/ Cookies – Pies/ Pies – Cakes/ Cakes – world cuisines/ Cuisines – Simple recipes/ Simple recipes- Source: YUMMY ADVENTURES @ Youtube.

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