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BROWNIE, CHEESECAKE cooking with Mari

Cooking with Mari || brownie cheese kremenchukmiaso the combination of chocolate and cream is always important! 🙂 Ingredients:brownies:cashew – 70грсливочное oil 180грсахар – 250гряйца – 6шттемный chocolate – 250гртворог – 500грмука – 250грразрыхлитель – 1 accusol and vanilla – to coskren:cream cheese – 300грсливки (33%) – 120g ( )sugar – 70гршоколад – for topping *******My contacts, and groups:YouTube – Facebook – Group TWITTER – – Subscribe and like and don’t forget to press the bell 🙂 just started them and I need Your help in the development! THANK you so much!!!Esli You want to participate in the development of the channel and to assist in the update of my kitchen and purchase better equipment, you can use the following tools:I would be very grateful! :)Financial participation: Yandex purse: [email protected]_Больше recipes: *Baking pan *Simple recipes for beginners *Articles from sugar mastic – *Cakes and cupcakes *Cakes and biscuits – *Pancakes, pancakes – *Creams *Cookies, tarts, cakes – *Best video *Desserts *Decoration of chocolate in Icing and jewelry – *Try the food *Savory pastries – Where to find me? I’m on Google+ On FacebooK My second channel “How to cook? Maria” Source: Готовим с Mari @ Youtube.

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