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Delicious chocolate cake will melt in your mouth Done in a matter of minutes. I love these recipes! And by the way, this recipe chose YOU! The result of the vote by a small margin (51 to 49 )won “brownie”! Ingredients: 150 gr. almonds, 250 gr. water (Yes, water), 200 gr.dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa) , 30 gr. cocoa 120 gr. margarine or rust.oil (I have ALSAN), 125 gr. cane sugar, 1 pkg.vanilla sugar, pinch of cinnamon and salt, 250 gr. flour, 1/2 pkg.baking powder. No eggs, no milk – brand meatless vegan recipe, but the taste…it’s just WOW!About the video: yesterday night we returned from vacation. The Thermomix is not. He’s still in the service. What to do?!! I promised to post a video on Saturday! I’m freaking out. Phoned all the friends who have a Thermomix. Lo, our very good friend gave us her Thermomix for a couple of days! Went to another city to pick it up, then purchased (in the fridge of course is nothing), came home, I made a video, put up with the grief the kids to bed, and sat down for installation…1.5 minutes long a day)Thanks for watching my videos:)Recipes Thermomix Thermomix TM5 ТМ31 Source: Готовим с Неониллой / ThermiNeo @ Youtube.

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