Brownie in 10 Minutes, without Baking (Once or twice and you’re done!) + Prizes from All Litres!

Hello! Today on the channel we will prepare a quick and delicious vegan brownie was carrying baking!Detailed recipe and a short article about the glamorous history of the brownie can be viewed on my website: http://веганскаядомохозяйка.рф/брауниКак receive gifts from Litres can be found here: http://веганскаядомохозяйка.рф/литресХотите even prescriptions for healthy lifestyles and PP vegan desserts with dates? Here they are:1. Carrot cake Pudding avocado Chocolate pie pumpkin pie is My story of transition to veganism http://веганскаядомохозяйка.рф/почему…Скидка on iHerb: NVH139; the List of my favorite products from iHerb http://веганскаядомохозяйка.рф/iherb/Скидака on 4fresh: FJK805; a Blog post about why I buy products at 4fresh http://веганскаядомохозяйка.рф/4fresh/Огромное thank you for your support of my channel!Music: Source: Веганская Домохозяйка @ Youtube.