Bulgarian BULK Apple pie. Very tasty!

Hello! I want to share the recipe of delicious Bulgarian bulk cake with apples. The pie is very juicy and hearty! RECIPE :6 large JUICY apples grate on a coarse grater. The more apples the better! Divide the apples into three parts. Mix 1 Cup flour, 1 Cup semolina, 1 Cup sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, salt to taste. Divide the dry mixture into 4 equal parts. Capacity for baking lay parchment, I have a tank 20 cm in diameter. 1st layer – dry mixture, 2nd layer 1/3 of the apples , alternating further layers should be 4 layers of the mixture and three layers of apples. The last layer is the dry mixture. Layers in any case is NOT STAMPED. Simply spread and level! Make the sauce : heat 250 grams of milk and melt 50 grams of butter. The milk and butter should be hot! Carefully pour the filling into the pie. Make several punctures with a fork around the perimeter of the pie. Put the tart in a preheated 180 degree oven for an hour. After an hour take out, let cool and enjoy! Source: Екатерина Матвеева @ Youtube.