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Buns mayonnaise-based with different additives / Baking leavened / Detailed recipe

Brioche pastry with majorizability :500g flour ( Shugurovskogo)30 g Sourdough “Levito Madre” dry starter for any kind of Bread – Page in VK Olga Eliseeva – Instagramm Olga – Page in Instagram “eliseevskiy Bread “- Classmates – Facebook – Contacts producers of organic, Bio food, flour and cereals.These manufacturers We trust.” Shugurovskogo flour”-Products TNV “Pugachev”, p. Krasnoe Pol’tso Penza region. Director -Anatoly Shugurov I. Bio-farm “Petrovsky” it is a family company Bio, organic products,grains, cereals, baking mixes.- All manufacturers are certified BIO Stone for baking Bread (when ordering, say the code word FARMER KNOWS, will be a bonus)-https://камень-пекарский.рфСсылки on all equipment Redmond from my bakery :Link to car Redmond rkm4030 – Blender RНВ-FP2960 combines the functions of a blender, mixer, shredder, grater and food processor – Smart oven – Multipier Redmond – Bread maker Redmond rbm m-1919 in the corporate store %3A%2F… Source: ФЕРМЕР ЗНАЕТ @ Youtube.

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