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Hello. In this video, I made another Burger at home with a soft and airy potato bun. In this recipe Burger perfect combination of comfortable products for the Russian soul and stomach. It’s mashed potatoes and juicy fillet of chicken thigh. Airy and delicate potato buns spread of delicious homemade mayonnaise. And thanks to caramelized the tomatoes, the Burger takes on a whole different taste. The Burger is slightly sweet and sour that was not nearly spoils his amazing taste. This Burger recipe will definitely appeal to you and your close, because he’s done so at home. Thanks for watching! I am very pleased your attention 🙂 If you enjoyed the video and the recipe for my Burger, put the huskies, subscribe and write comments! NOT to REMEMBER:Potato buns for Burger 200 gr potato coarse puree;30 g butter;365 g of wheat flour;15 g sugar;10 g of compressed yeast sludge 3.5 g dry;7 g salt;1 egg + 1 egg yolk;sesame seeds for topping + Chia seeds.The first method of caramelized cherry tomatoes;cherry tomatoes -500 Sahar – slivochnoe 50 oil – 50 Beloe wine or wine vinegar – 2-3 tbsp. l. the Second method of caramelized tomatoes, carrepository cherry -500 olivkovoe oil 100 – 150 McChesney 1 subhiksha 2-3 tbsp salt ½ value wine or wine vinegar – 2-3 tbsp. l#BURGERMAN CONDITIONS #Burger #of receptorsare #tablebordersize: Burger, Burger at home homemade Burger, Burger for Burger with potato buns, my recipe Burger, warm Burger, best Burger recipe, Burger recipe, Burger recipe, Burger recipe, how to cook Burger, how to make a Burger at home Burger, make a Burger with your hands, Burger cook, Burger recipe at home, cook at home Burger, Burger buns, Burger tasty Burger recipe videos Burger fast Burger meal, the Burger with your hands, Burger recipe, burgers, Burger sauce, food, recipes, hamburger, cheeseburger, how to cook a hamburger, how to make a Burger recipe a hamburger, tasty hamburger, homemade hamburger, best hamburger recipe, homemade cheeseburger, cook at home, bogestvenniy Burger, budgety Burger divine Burger, the wonderful Burger, a unique Burger, a Burger video. Source: Тёплый @ Youtube.

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