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Burger Bukowski

Burger recipe from the grill bar “Bukowski”.(2-3 servings)Minced beef 400грЗира ground 1члЧерный 1члСоевый pepper sauce 60ml (for taste and salinity)1pcs Onion (medium size)Garlic 3-4 cloves————————————————-Bun with sesame seeds 2-3 stilista salad Ispersoninroom pickled Cucumber Butter 2 cletop (or any other sauce)———————————————Mix the minced meat with chopped onions, garlic, ground siroy, ground black pepper and soy sauce.(For flavor, you can add a teaspoon of sauce Worcester)to Form patties, fry up to any degree of doneness.Rolls fry in butter.To assemble the Burger.On the bottom half of the bun put a garnish consisting of a sheet of iceberg lettuce, tomato and onions rings.Laid out on the side fried chicken, pickled cucumber and ketchup.Put the muffin top.Bon appetit! Source: Смотрим Кулинарим @ Youtube.

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