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Burger chef

#Burger, #school, #recipe! Burgers are no longer a symbol of unhealthy food. This idea was picked up restaurants all over the world. And rightly so. Just look how photogenic he is! How good. And I want to eat.But first, we cook our Patty. Salt and pepper our meat and form a Patty. This can be done by putting the ball of meat in the package and pinning on top of the Board, or using a cooking ring. Heat the pan, pour oil and go. Fifteen minutes on each side, then a coup and another fifteen minutes. Cut tomato and onion rings. Keep in mind that the meat without any additives for frying will decrease in size. This is a completely normal process. As it should be. If you want a chop to the size of the bread, do it initially more. Remove patties and put our onions and tomato. Fry on each side until beautiful colors. In the same pan then fry our rolls. So, the most interesting. On the lower half while it’s still hot, put a slice of processed cheese. After the chop. Add a little barbecue sauce and coat them top our burgers. Meatballs on top of tomato, then onion. Complete the composition with spinach. It is important that the bun is not in contact with wet ingredients like tomatoes or sauce.In this, if no spinach, put on top another slice of cheese. Cover our second half of the Burger buns.To resist very hard. I want to say that this Burger is simply incomparable with the food from fast food. This is a full lunch, dinner, or just a great, uplifting snack.Detailed recipe is in the description. Don’t be afraid to cook and have fun everyday delicacies.Minced homedirectories,BBQ Sauce Blockumentary Source: Рецепт Как Готовить @ Youtube.

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