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Burger is the bomb! Burger recipe from Jamie Oliver, black

Prepare the BOMB Burger from Jamie Oliver along with marusimba.Burger from the restaurant Jamie Oliver performed by Marina Kondratievski – 2 stecon – 2 SlickEdit – 2 stloc red – 1 Stukas balsamic – 1 h Sahar – 1 h timander Cheddar – 2 lasaponara – 1 staus for Burger from Jamie Oliver’s – 4 St to limelite red onion, fry it, then simmer with balsamic vinegar, sugar and thyme.Cutlet pan-fried. Then on each cutlet put a slice of Cheddar cheese, cover to melt cheese. Next fry the bacon slices.Once the cheese on the cutlet melted, put the bacon.Bun fry in the fat from under cutlets. On the bottom bun onion. Then slices of tomatoes. Then put the Patty with cheese and bacon.On the second roll to put the signature Burger sauce and combine both parts of the Burger.Sauce RECIPE here: PRODUCTS took here: Subscribe: :// Source: РЕЦЕПТЫ с MARUSIMBA @ Youtube.

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