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Essential products 250g black шоколад150гр powder захар150гр масло1 pakete ванилия60гр брашно3 яйца1 pinch sovakova (koito of sobravime)of Makoto all Stupava weak ogyn or on a water bath and after the CE Matrosova whitre chocolate. Furnace CE Zagrava 180 degrees. Makoto and chocolada CE fell from atlona, add behold purata Zachary, vanilya, razbudite eggs, shipkata Sol and Backpulver.Nacra CE dobova of BRACHNOE. Byrka behold dhrona lyrica dokato behold homogenizer. Issippi CE in tava, opakovana in the Charter for picene. Slug se vyv furnata 25 minuti, after I iskljucivanje and octaval vytra, and it’s another 5. Not trjabva and that of preecha, Yes stop Lipkovo and Tesco. Yes enstine leaving the CoE and after CoE slug in Hladilnika for at least 2 hours. Podhodah e for serverone with furnace manilow “sladoled”. Source: Yoana Boycheva @ Youtube.

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