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the Perfect soup for Sunday lunch.You will need:- Savoy cabbage – 500 gr.- carrots – 1-2 PCs onion – 1 PCs. – potatoes – 500 gr.- sausage “Clear hill” -500 gr.- cream – 150 ml – greens 30 oz.- salt and pepper – to taste – vegetable maslahah 1. Dice the vegetables and fry onions and carrots until Golden brown.Step 2. Cut sausage slices and fry them until Golden brown.Step 3. Sauteed onions and carrots add water or vegetable broth, add the sausages, cabbage and potatoes. All mix thoroughly and cook for 7-10 minutes until fully cooked.Step 4. Remove from heat, stirring constantly pour the cream.Step 5. Enjoy!Bon appetit!Subscribe to our social networks :// Source: Ясная горка @ Youtube.

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