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CAKE BIRD’s MILK ✔ Cake without baking ✔ Awesome TASTY Dessert for all occasions! #port

CAKE BIRD’s MILK ✔ Awesome Cake WITHOUT BAKING ✔ lose Weight Delicious! Diet recipe:KBZHU per 100 GRAMS :78/11/2,9/2,9 SHAPE DIAMETER 16 CM. WE will NEED FOR the SOUFFLÉ:Milk 2,5% 200 ml Gelatin 30 g. Sweetener to taste or sugar is 70-100 grams. Vanilla 2-3 C. Egg 3 PCs. Salt 1 C. GLAZE :Cocoa 5-8 gr. Aromic caramel 5-7 drops. Gelatin 5 g. The 15% sour cream 50 gr. Sweetener to taste or sugar 20 gr. Water 50 ml. Link to channel my husband: Diet desserts: PP chicken recipes: healthy snacks: Recipes in a slow cooker: Diet sauce: PP Salads: Diet entrees: Diet recipes fish: Diet Breakfast: Recipes from buckwheat: lose Weight Delicious!: bird cake this is unrealistic vkusniy dessert, you can take milk of any fat content, it is possible to eat in the evening, as this protein dessert,bird’s milk because it is pure protein, cake bird’s milk you will blow on the spot, bird’s milk cake is light and airy ,in this video I will show you how to prepare the bird’s milk, he жеBird”s Milk Cake, do the bird, do a real cake, and escort bird’s milk with pleasure, but my daughter and I eat, because it’s a diet cake,diet dessert, very easy recipe in addition, the PP recipe of the cake I pointed out in detail below the video. recipe diet cake is a miracle , And look for other recipes on my channel. Do not be afraid of the phrase fitness PP cake And cake will also be true. PP desserts is my weakness, any PP dessert deserves the attention,a big plus is that this cake PP without baking,so the cake is quickly prepared and emeet low kbzhu therefore, this PP recipe struck me.And of course the fact that he is no-bake. Vectort without baking takes a little time , a no-bake dessert is low-calorie. This cake on a diet is not something that can need. Because the dessert on a diet is amazing.So this cake eat and lose weight. PP because the cake is easy and delicious, and most importantly, useful. Prepare tachycardic PP and You will be delighted.#port Source: Худеем Вкусно! @ Youtube.

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