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Cake “black rose”/Smachniy recipe No. 83.

the Cake is “Black rose”. M yaki-biscuit core in ninamu the siren-ecnomy cram.recipe ukraïnskoyu mooodle need two of the cake-biscuit correc 1 bskvth Korzh:- AICA: 5; I: 100 g; powder for vipca: 5 g;- Krokhmal of kartoplyanyky: 50 g;- boroshno: 50 for a cake requires three kakov rollersnakes 1 cocoa cake:- AICA: 3; I: 60 g;- cocoa: 10 g;- Oliya shashnikova: 10 g;- boroshno: 30-40 g dodatkovo:- form: 32×24 cm;- a parchment for vipok;- Oliya for swabs formation.the siren for the cream:- mascarpone sire: 800 g;- sir kislomolochny: 200 g;- AICA: 5; I: 300 g;- vanl: SPCA or lemon peel.sire mascarpone prigotovte for video recipe” Sire mascarpone” shokoladno for Fudge: sour cream: 80 g;- oil vershkove: 150 g;- cocoa: 40 g;- I: 70 g;- SIL: SPCA;- vanl: SPCA.dodatkovo:- zefr: 2.Chocolate you for the video recipe for “Chocolate Fudge” recipe in Russian ASYCUDA cake need two correrse sponge 1 sponge cake:- eggs: 5;- sugar: 100 gr;- baking powder: 5 g; starch: 50 g, flour: 50 g. for the cake you need three for proletarische cocoa 1 cocoa cake:- eggs: 3; sugar: 60 g;- cocoa: 10 g;- sunflower oil: 10 g; flour: 30-40 g. optional:- form: 32×24 cm;- baking;- oil swabs forms.for the cheese cream:- mascarpone cheese: 800 g;- cottage cheese: 200 g; eggs: 5;- sugar: 300 grams;- vanilla: a pinch or lemon peel.mascarpone cheese to cook video recipe for “mascarpone Cheese”to chocolate Fudge: sour cream: 80 g;- butter: 150 g;- cocoa: 40 grams; sugar: 70 g;- salt pinch;- vanilla: a pinch.optional: marshmallow: 2.Chocolate cooking video recipe “Chocolate Fudge” Source: Choco Lada @ Youtube.

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