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CAKE “HONEY cake” gluten-free! Voice! Recipe 2019!

Hello!I offer a very delicious CAKE “MEDOVIK” gluten-free! The flour can be used and standard, Your choice!Bon appetit. This is my first video recipe with voice acting, I’d be happy to feedback/comments.For me, the best gratitude is to like and subscribe! I remind you that I live in a double portion. Below is the list of in 1 standard serving.⬇ this Ingredients: ➡ this is 2 eggs➡ this is 100 gr. butter➡ this is 1 Cup of sugar➡ this 400 gr. rice mix gluten-free McMaster➡ my butt a pinch of salt➡ this is 2 tbsp of honey⬇this Cream:➡ this 200 gr. walnuts➡ this 300 gr. butter➡ this 300 gr. condensed malocide to find me: ✅Instagram: ✅Subscribe to channel: Music: #recipes #baking #of besputin Source: Muray Kitchen @ Youtube.

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