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Cake Pavlovitch luxurious cake was invented in 1929 by an Australian chef in honor of Anna Pavlova, who came to Australia from the tour. Dessert was as popular as the famous Russian ballerina.#Dessert “#Pavlova”is a delicate #meringue with cream, berries and fruit. I don’t know how this recipe of Pavlova dessert can be considered a classic, but dare I offer you his version, which will include: meringue (meringue), cream sauce, a layer of watermelon and fresh berries. The preparation of the dessert will take quite a long time, but its taste… it is light, airy, it combines so many things, a delicate meringue with cream and berries.The ingredients of Pavlova dessert: Meringue (meringue): 6 egg whites; 1 Cup sugar; 2 tsp. cornstarch, 2 tsp ususaly cream, beat with cream…the Middle is of proslike watermelon, top ukraien fresh berries. Mohsen dream with cream and macnicol.My best video about the scents: My подbорка autumn fragrances – Fragrances Dior/ Dior Lor, Dior Addict, Miss Dior is the fragrance Review of Chanel N5 * N5 Review Chanel – Jean Paul Gaultier Classique – La vie set Belle L’eclat – Lady Million PriveОбзор the aroma of Decadence from Jacobs can be seen here: Fragrance – aphrodisiacs that can be found here: Aquatic aromas, video review watch it here: Review Chanel fragrances Review fragrances from Dior: Source: Lora Life Norway @ Youtube.

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