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Cake Raspberry – Chocolate / Malinoviy cake / Shokoladnie cake / Cake with raspberries recipe

Cake “Raspberry – Chocolate” – TSE doskonale pognana Malini the chocolate. M”Agency bscpt, easy shokoladniy cream souffle that Nicene Malinova Conf s clay berry…TSE sprawd unreal juicy! Cake with the raspberries it turns duzhe nenim garnim in rosrs. Often moï papanti capitoul about those yaky cake prigotovte have ltny speck. Dwellers fresh, light, nine, aggni… the I thus, dwellers Shvidko not pavasa. So, taqiy malinowy cake not botsa LTO specs, so Yak sour cream I malans from nomu termsno obrolan. But, although TSE, VSI Smakov quality speregen. This – mandatory”language sprobuje podliza vrezannymi in komentarai to the recipe! Recipe s photo and a description DIVS on Momo suit : Priznaytes to us canal Telegram: Delicates to a groupie on Facebook, there are many photos receptu, that viprobuval momi papinniemi, and also negotiated parade dovey gospodini: Let’s druziti in Іnstagram : Schodo spitrit vertices: [email protected]Інгредієнти (form 18 cm):Bswt: 6 ACE,150 g of cukru, 60 g борошна1 tsp розпушувача50 g какао30 ml (2 tbsp) Aleo Conf :200 g raspberries,150 ml water,20 g (1 tbsp) крохмалю60 g cockrem souffle :200 grams шоколаду50 g butter, 15 g желатину100 ml води400 g smetana 20% 50 g цукру1 p. zakusova*******************************Ingredients (form 18 cm): Biscuit: 6 eggs, 150 g sugar, 60 g flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 50 g cocoa powder 30 ml (2 tbsp) pods.oil Raspberry confit: 200 g raspberries, 150 ml water, 20 g (1 tbsp) starch 60 g sugar the soufflé Cream: 200 g of chocolate 50 g of butter, 15 g of gelatin 100 ml of water 400 g of sour cream 20% 50 g sugar 1 p. thickener Source: Лілія Цвіт @ Youtube.

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