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Cake with cherries. Berry pie with milk chocolate!

hi friends!Summer flavored cake with cherries and chocolate milk. The recipe is simple, quick and very tasty. The dough obtained cupcake, delicate, soft, and sweet cherries still juicy)))Cherries you can substitute cherries, apricots or peaches. ****************************Ingredients are designed for a round shape, 26 cm rectangular or 21 cm 30 plums. butter – 150 gr.,sugar – 240 gr.two eggs,milk – 200 ml baking powder – 10 gr.,a pinch of salt,flour – 350 gr.vanilla sugar,cherry – 400 grams,chocolate – 40 gr.Bake pie cherries at 180 C for 45 minutes.Cherries you can substitute cherries, apricots or peaches.**************************A more detailed recipe with photos see Friends, thanks for watching! Put the fingers up and subscribe to the channel!*********************************Take a look:Bagels yogurt Homemade cookies with kefir and lard Muffins with sour cream Source: Вкусные Рецепты Алёнки @ Youtube.

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