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CAKE WITHOUT OVEN, simple and delicate, chocolate PANCAKE CAKE recipe

If you don’t want to turn on the oven, but to cook something sweet like – then make a simple PANCAKE CAKE. It’s a simple treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.#cake # bonnythorne:for the dough:3 яйца100 g zacharovannyj sugar (1 pack + – 10 g)500 ml молока200 g муки25 какао1 g h l разрыхлителя0,5 h l соли1 tbsp vegetable oil cream:400 g of cottage cheese 200 g smietniansky sharecall tablespoons of milk (as needed for right consistency of cream)100 g sugarglider:3 tbsp sour cream (if sour cream is not greasy – a third of it to replace butter)2 tbsp сахара1 tbsp makoterty chocolate for decoration torta social сетяхInstagramm: Vkontakte: : If you are a lover of sweets, prepare also:Jelly cheesecake with blueberry: the CAKE without rolling the cakes in 30 minutes: a rich CHOCOLATE CAKE with cherries: kinds of USEFUL SWEETS: the PERFECT CHEESECAKE: Delicious cookies from 3 products: Source: Alina UMAMI @ Youtube.

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