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CAKE ZEBRA recipe without eggs and milk. MEATLESS VEGAN MANNA

Cooking cake-manna “Zebra”. Recipe meatless vegan pie-the manna “Zebra” without eggs and milk.Ingredientsyou milk (namoroka) — 500 ml +150 ml chocolate tectosages — 140 g Salt – pinch. Baking powder — 1 sachet weighing 11 cacao – 55 g (6 tablespoons with a small hill)Vegetable oil — 4 tablespoons lokamanya Krupa — 360 g (2 cups)Flour — 250 g DETAILED TEXT RECIPE ON MY WEBSITE Thank you for watching and subscribing to my channel! ❤❤❤See vegetarian recipes on my website My channel: My Instagram: My second channel “Women’s secrets” VK Group: my Channel kids VIDEOS-CHILDREN Source: Вегетарианская и постная кухня Елены | Добрые рецепты @ Youtube.

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