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Came with the rest! This strawberry DESSERT was the hit of the buffet

Want more recipes? Visit our website: Or follow us on Facebook: Such a bright and beautiful cake is prepared in minutes, and the result is able to surpass the store-bought cakes. It turns out tender, with a slight sourness from the strawberries. The refrigerator is able to freeze 2 hours, but better to hold 4. And the most important point – eat the cake the first day, don’t leave it stored as fresh strawberries can go bad.To prepare the cake without baking take:● Gelatin – 1 tbsp * Water – 1 tbsp● Cheese – 300 g● sour Cream 20% – 300 g● Sugar – 100 g● Vanilla sugar – 10 g● Cookies – 7 pieces● fresh Strawberries – 400 prigotovlenie:1. Start with, pour gelatin water and allow it to swell.2. In cheese, add sour cream, sugar, vanilla sugar and whisk blender.3. Dissolve the gelatin in the microwave and stir in the resulting mass.4. In the form put the parchment on the bottom lay a number of cookies, add a little curd mass and place the strawberries. On top pour the remaining mass.5. Leave cake to harden in the refrigerator for 4 hours.6. Decorate the cake to your taste.===============================We RECOMMEND you to SEE MORE===============================➤ Playlist. Cake and desserts: – Cake without baking of the 3 ingredients, it is better Napoleon: ➤ a Cheese cake no-bake cookies: ➤ a Cake without baking of biscuits, cream and banana: ➤ Real cheesecake without baking: ➤ a Cake without baking strawberry and white chocolate: Webspun in social networks:Yandex Zen: : : Vkontakte: Odnoklassniki: : : #cake #tornbetween #recipe #tortispina #tortelduifstraat #tortispina #vkusnyatina #prostitot #receptora #kjaw #vkusnyatina #strawberry #torslunda Source: @ Youtube.

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