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Caponata For the ears ottyanesh Recipe

came my turn to eggplant. Cook them every year, so delicious they turn out. The recipe is placed, but you can choose the ingredients to add according to their taste. All well kept in the refrigerator, however long it turns out very tasty. Suitable for meat, fish and any side dish. Recommend!!!Ingredients:Eggplant – 1.100 g Garlic – 1 clove.Vinegar – 1 table. lies.Bulgarian pepper — 2 PCs Pepper hot – 1 video recording photoelectric. (I half.)Carrots – 3 onions stluc – 3 stpatrick and dill in a small bundle.Vegetable oil for frying.Salt to taste.E-MAIL FOR PERSONAL MESSAGES [email protected]ДЛЯ ALL CONCERNED ON the development of the INTERNET CHANNEL CARD IN PRIVATBANK UAH 4731185615371595ДОНАТ VISA CARD 4731185615432686(THANK you)a Big Hello to all people with good hearts and an open mind! My name is Galina. I am pleased to welcome you on my channel! Hobbies I have a lot – write poems, addicted to photography, love to travel, doing Nordic walking. With the death of my husband, my life has changed dramatically. Had more free time, I began to appreciate! In playlists I have placed videos on various topics. Always happy to meet new and sincere people. Come to visit me – always glad to new subscribers!Link to the channel of Alexey Titus ➤ SUBSCRIBE TO NOT MISS MY NEW VIDEO LYRICS,POETRY,RECIPES AND MORE➤My YouTube channel Galinaavl…➤ Page in Friendster ➤ Page on FB ➤ WEBSITE – Poems Ru ➤ Website – Prose Ru Best thanks – Subscribe to the channel. ➤Video,reposts and comments! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! ➤Not to lose MY VIDEOS – hold the CLASS to SHARE.Leave your comments! ➤ALL MY VIDEO LYRICS,POETRY,RECIPES AND MUCH MORE ARE GATHERED IN THEMATIC PLAYLISTS.➤MY SINCERE WISHES OF GOOD HEALTH AND ALL GOOD THINGS OF LIFE! ➤ With respect to You Galina Yakovleva#GALINAMALINA #of ZAGUSTAYSKAYA#of BLADESBLADE Source: Галина Яковлева. От поэзии до кулинарии. @ Youtube.

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