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Carrot Cake (Vegan, healthy lifestyles and PP) + What I Eat at my Parents ‘ House-Husband

In this video I will show you a recipe for vegan carrot cake! It is not only ethical, but also very healthy, PP, no sugar, gluten and oils! In General, a very healthy dessert!A detailed recipe can be found on my website: http://веганскаядомохозяйка.рф/морков…Скидка on iHerb: NVH139; the List of my favorite products from iHerb http://веганскаядомохозяйка.рф/iherb/Скидака on 4fresh: FJK805; a Blog post about why I buy products at 4fresh http://веганскаядомохозяйка.рф/4fresh/Огромное thank you for your support of my channel!————————————————————————–Music: : “Spring”Music by Source: Веганская Домохозяйка @ Youtube.

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