July 27, 2017

Last Chance For Free Shipping On Family Tree Maker 2012

Just a reminder….Family Tree Maker with the new TreeSync feature is still available with free shipping but you have to act soon!

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Family Tree Maker 2012

Family Tree Maker 2012 Now Available for Pre-Sale

This new version of Family Tree Maker 2012 has a new feature called TreeSync™ that many of us have been looking forward to for a long time: an automatic syncronization between your family tree database on your computer, laptop, iPhone or iPad, and your Ancestry Online Family Tree .

Click here to see a list of  the new features as well as the ones you’ve come to rely on.

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Family Tree Maker 2012

Family Tree Maker 2011: Early Review

Family Tree Maker 2011

On Saturday I received in the mail my new Family Tree Maker 11 program. I wasn’t totally thrilled with the new format for FTM 10, but I thought I would give this new version a shot.  Hope springs eternal!

Here’s what has happened so far this morning when I tried to install the program:

  • Error message – Invalid file type (I take it FTM might now have a new file extension format?)
  • Program opens and when I try to click on my name in the index of individuals the whole program closes and I am forced to send an error report to Microsoft.  So far, this has happened twice.
  • When I try to open the program again another error message comes up telling me to compact the file to resolve errors.
  • I have now just done that and when I click on my name in the index it doesn’t auto-close FTM11.

One other thing I have noticed with the new version is that it installs a completely new program file, unlike earlier versions of FTM that just updated what you already had (it overwrote the files) and you could basically plug and play it right away.  Each one is by the FTM version. I’m concerned that if I delete any previous versions that I will lose some of my family files.  I’m not doing any deleting any time soon, but I will make sure everything is backed up before I do it.

Sorry, I’m still longing for the simplicity of FTM 2006 with its user-friendly interface and format.  I absolutely hate hunting around for things in each new version. Even if I’m having some issues with the new version, I still think FTM is a very handy genealogy program and I do recommend it. 🙂

Adding An Ethnicity Fact In Family Tree Maker

Isn’t it amazing how our friends in the genealogy community can open our eyes to not only new tools, plugins, and other handy blog add-ons?  And, they do the same thing when it comes to making genealogy programs work for 21st century researchers.

As an example, George Geder at Geder Genealogy has done a whole series this week on genealogy software and how it needs to change to reflect the needs of blended families, etc..  I was left asking myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”.  One suggestion that he made really hit home with me:  the ability to add ‘ethnicity’ to a person’s individual profile.

I’m still using FTM 2006, so I can’t speak to more recent versions, but I was able to add a new fact quite easily, and it might be something you would like to add also. Here’s how I did it:

Add Fact

The Add Fact dialog box lets you add a new fact to an individual or marriage record.

To select from the existing fact list, click the down arrow attached to the Type field and select the Fact Type from the list that appears.

To add a new Fact Type, enter a brief description in the Type field. [ I added Ethnic Origin as my fact name] Note that there are separate Fact Type lists for individual and marriage records, and that a new Type added to one list will not be added to the other.

Enter the Date and Place or Description information in the appropriate fields; then click the OK button to save your new Fact.  Entering date for ethnic origin wasn’t relevant exactly, so I left it blank, but in Place or Description I added African American for this particular family member.

By adding this new fact category, I will now be able to add more detailed information about family members.  Since our families [mine and Jim’s] are predominantly Caucasian, denoting ethnic heritage will only be added when it’s a known fact.

The above photo was taken in May 2000 when my cousin Tracy Prantl Richardson turned 86 (near center in pink sweater) and my cousin Fran Prantl Harbeston’s widower Herb (front row, right of Tracy) Harbeston turned 90.  Everyone in this photo is related by blood or marriage. I too am in this photo just back from Herb in the second row.

When my first cousin Gordon Yates married his wife Christl Messerschmidt in 1976, our family was enhanced by Christl’s Indonesian ethnicity. (Photo above was taken in 1996; left to right: Dustin, Gordon, Brett, uncle Wally and Mike Yates.

And the ladies of the Wally Yates family – 1996: L-R Sandy (Boom), Stephanie, Twyla, Jennifer, Sarina and Christl Yates.

Celebrate Your Differences

One last note, I think we should celebrate our differences, not let them divide us.

Two Upcoming Centenarian Birthdays In Our Family

– Tracy Prantl Harbeston passed away in 2007, but Herb Harbeston turned 100 on May 20, 2010.  The other centenarian was one of my Breedlove cousins.

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