July 26, 2017

Windows Alt Key Codes For Genealogy

A Good Source For Special Characters – Genealogy*

Some of my ancestors were of Swedish extraction, and some of Jim’s were of German, so when it comes time to insert special characters for letters into my genealogy program or emails, I was quite at a loss as to how to type them in Windows OS.

You need to have a numerical keyboard to the right of your letter keys to make this work.  The shortcuts don’t work with the numbers at the top of the board.  You must press the NUM LOCK key for this function to activate.

I made a small cheat sheet for myself of basic letters like this:

ALT and type #

Ä  142   ä 132

Å 143   å 134

Ö 153    ö 148

Here are a few additional symbols.  Try these:

©   Code number 0169

¢    Code number 0162

¥  Code number 0165 (Japanese yen)

£  Code number 0163 (British pound)

€  Code number 0128 (Euro)

This is just a small taste of ways you can make your names and locations more in keeping with how they’re pronounced in other languages.  I found an additional source for these Windows codes, as well as some for the Mac at Penn State’s “Computing With – Accents, Symbols and Foreign Scripts” web page.

*when I wrote this I was meaning one thing, but when I went back and re-read it, it was kind of funny in a family tree sort of way. So, I left it in for humor. 🙂






Introducing: Casefile Clues For Beginners


“Casefile Clues for Beginners” Coming Soon

Beginning on 8 June 2011 Michael John Neill will be presenting something new in addition to Casefile Clues.  His new endeavor will be Casefile Clues for Beginners. It will be a twice-a-month publication and will focus on beginning level genealogical research.

Format for the newsletter will be as a PDF file attachment with no advertising.  As with his other newsletter Casefile Clues, this will be a down-to-earth, easy to understand and informative publication.  It will be sent to you twice a month.

If you’re interested in trying out the newsletter, a six month subscription will be $7.50 and orders can be completed using PayPal.

[The PayPal link above takes you right to Michael’s subscription page, not mine. – Carol ]


Visit The GenealogyLuv Store And Start Customizing!


I have a new store on Zazzle! It’s called GenealogyLuv. I’m slowly adding some new sections as I go along, but I wanted to show you my latest creation.  What could be more useful than a binder for your genealogy things?  The best part is, the design(s) can be customized.  Like with the binder, you can add a surname to the front, or say it’s for photos, a scrapbook…anything!

There’s more in the store…Go see!

Genealogy: Why You Still Need To Use Message Boards And Mailing Lists


Rootsweb Message Boards and Mailing Lists

When genealogical research was still in its online infancy many people were using mailing lists and message boards on Rootsweb to make connections and find new cousins. Guess what?!  You still can!


About Message Boards

Message boards can be found in major categories, with in-numerous sub-categories.  Rather than me listing them individually, please visit the Rootsweb Message Board page to choose your areas of interest.  (Locations, topics, surnames, etc.)


About Mailing Lists

Rootsweb Mailing Lists can be a little more diverse in topics, but equally as helpful in your research.  There are over thirty-nine thousand mailing lists to choose from in categories similar to message boards.  They include Surnames, USA, International, and “Other”.


Additional Mailing List Suggestions
  • Don’t overlook the Rootsweb Archives search engine.  All the posts to those mailing lists are archived and waiting to be discovered.
  • When you join a mailing list, you have the choice of doing so as a Digest of the posts that come in your email less frequently (i.e, per week); or the full Daily postings to the list.  If one doesn’t work for you, then maybe the other will be more suitable.
  • When you post your query to a mailing list or message board be sure to include as much descriptive information as you can. For instance: YATES, William Gale b. 1920 MO – d. 1996 Olympia, WA.  The surname in caps designates that it’s the surname of the person. The b. means ‘birth’ and d. means ‘death’.  If I was looking for marriage information I would have also added m. 1944 Seattle.  Do NOT waste your time putting in a query with titles like “Looking for Family” or “Smiths in Tennessee”. Be SPECIFIC.

Two Tips For Organizing Aquired Genealogical Records

How To Clean A Headstone – Advice From The Artist

Have you tried using Mocavo the newest genealogy search engine? Just out this month and it’s a gem!

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