September 20, 2017

ShopFamilyTree Introduces Helpful U.S. History Pocket Reference Guide


The Genealogist’s U.S. History Pocket Reference

But When Did It Happen In History?

How many times have you been doing family research and hit on a date when someone migrated from one part of the country to the other and wondered “Why did they move there?” Many times, it has to do with a historical event. It could a family moving from an area in Missouri when they had moved there just a few years before. Was it around 1811-12 when they left? Maybe it had to do with the very large *New Madrid quake of 1811-12. The quake went on rumbling for more than just one event. It started around December of 1811 with quakes as big as 7.7, and lasted until around February 1812 when there was another quake of 7.7.  The area affected was quite large. Are you looking at your ancestors migration movements differently now?

That’s just one example of how history affected U.S. residents. Even if you think you know when events happened, you may surprise you to know the actual dates. Revolutionary War, Civil War, Man on the Moon, the molasses flood in Boston…(it was in 1919). In any case, you understand the importance of having this application. Even if you aren’t a genealogical researcher this app is going to be priceless. I’m thinking of it as an aid to students of history of any age. More information can be found at:  The Genealogist’s U.S. History Pocket Reference

To celebrate The Genealogist’s U.S. Pocket History Reference release this month, you can buy it along with another handy pocket reference , The Family Tree Pocket Reference ebook , for $20. That’s a savings of almost $10!

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Source: *USGS Historic New Madrid Quakes

Revolutionary Voices – A Last Muster Film UPDATE





In my haste to get my article published about the Revolutionary Voices – A Last Muster Film I neglected to put in a couple links to where you too can donate at Kickstarter.

Donate any amount (minimum of $1) you choose through the Kickstarter site using this link.

Again, my apologies for leaving out the links, but I’m just so excited about this film and getting the word out to kick start it. You can read my previous article here. [intlink id=”3487″ type=”post”]You Can Be A Part Of The Revolutionary Voices Film [/intlink]

Download Available – The Home Friend Publication 1909 – Kansas City, MO


The Story Of How We Came To Have The Home Friend Publication

In the late 1980’s we were living in an old farm house here in Port Orchard, Washington. During a remodeling project where we were intending to take out a wall between two rooms, one side of the wall was removed, and much to our surprise in between the studs was an old “”magazine” called The Home Friend from 1909. Many times people would leave a time capsule of sorts by putting things in walls when a house was finished.

The pages were in fairly good shape, but there was some wear that most likely came from going through the mail in that era. It was addressed to a home in the Waterman area, which I believe that the same home we were living in at that time. The house had been moved, but the publication had remained in the wall. The Home Friend was published in Kansas City, Missouri and touted itself as the “largest publication in the Southwest”.

A few years ago I took the publication to have it copied and put on a disk for posterity. It’s taken me a while to get it so it can be available to the public, but it is now available for download in PDF format here on my blog page. It is thirty-two pages in size and even though the original was on over-sized paper it has been saved very well in the PDF format so that you can see every word and image. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the contents, although since it is a one-of-a-kind download it must be shared “as is” with with some stories that are serials that leave the reader wondering what happened.  There is even an old advertisement for an Edison product.


Table of Contents

Page 1 – Edwin Waskow – cover artist

Page 2 – Looking Forward

Page 3 – Montague Vernley’s Restitution – Joseph F Novak

Page 4 – Montague Vernley’s Restitution (continued)

Page 5 – Jean McElmon’s Ambition – Mrs F M Coates

Page 6 – In the Gray Dawn – Edith Allen Jordan

Page 7 – The Stage of Fate – Kentieth Irrington

Page 8 – The Poultry Yard

Page 9 – The Dream At Sea – John Gray

Page 10 – Mrs Russell’s “Spells” – Mrs Jennie Brown

Page 11 – Hints For The Home (Maude Tinson mentioned)

Page 12 – The Stage of Fate (continued from page 7)

Page 13 – Montague Vernley’s Restitution (cont.) Don’t Slave at the Washtub

Page 14 – Astrology and Character – Henry Brundage

Page 15 – On Board The Mary Ethel

Page 16 – A Drama of the Sea – An Unusual Divorce Case

Page 17 – The Labor of Love – In War Times – When the Clouds Lower – A Rainy Day Game

Page 18 – Dress and Fancy Work – Harriet Seymour

Page 19 – Magnetic Shields Cure Disease – Thacher Magnetic Shield Company

Page 20 – Montague Vernley’s Restitution (cont.)

Page 21 – Jones Brother’s Mercantile Company

Page 22 – Cooking For One – G J Partelow

Page 23 – Dining Room and Kitchen

Page 24 – The Dream at Sea – (continued from pg 9)

Page 25  – Stop! Kidney Cure – Dr T Frank Lynott

Page 26 – The Dream at Sea (cont)

Page 27 – The Washington’s Birthday Lessons – Fannie Emmis

Page 28 – Birds – Plants and Flowers – Flowers – Mrs G O Wilhelme

Page 29 – Home Social Circle

Page 30 – Wit and Wisdom

Page 31 – In the Gray Dawn (end)

Page 32 – Edison Phonograph

Advertisers (some)

Blaine Manufacturing Company

D J Lane

Dr Rainy Medicine Company

E O Koch – Trusight Spectacle Company

Ella Bartlett Simmons

F A Miller

Great Eastern Coffee and Tea Company

Hagood Manufacturing Company

Harris-Goar Company

John Simpson Company

King Manufacturing Company

Rothschild and Company – Meister Piano

S Virginia Levis

Sears Roebuck and Company

Simplex School of Music

Sowest Importing Company

The Home Friend Publishing Company

Virginia Riverton

W R Miller

Wilbur Stock Food Company

Wilson Ear Drum Company


Chicago, IL

Kansas City, MO

St Louis, MO

1909 Home friend cover

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Honoring Dorie Miller – A True American Hero


"Above and beyond the call of duty" ...



Today, December 7, 2012 is the 71st Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. As we remember those who we lost that day, we also remember the heroes who made a difference. One of them was Dorie Miller. I hope you will click this link to Angela Walton-Raji’s blog post and read about this wonderful man.  Remembering Dorie Miller, An American Hero.

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