September 20, 2017

Aaron Carapella – He’s Bringing Awareness of Tribal Nations Traditional and Current Names

Tribal Nations Maps by Aaron Carapella

Aaron Carapella has created a whole collection of maps designating the true tribal nation’s traditional and current names and placing them on maps that encompass the North and South American continents, Alaska and the Caribbean. To see the variety of what Aaron has created, please visit this page and see how you can order one (or more) today. (I’m not an affiliate, just a friend).

Would you like to see these maps in schools? You can also do so by donating to Aaron’s GoFundMe page as well. What a great idea to bring true Native American and indigenous people’s history and awareness to our children and adults alike!

This endeavor by Aaron isn’t a big money maker for him. He has done this as a labor of love and history and it’s been made available to us all through his hard work. Let’s help him by donating, or buying a map. You may notice some watermarks in the image, but they won’t be on the actual maps.



See the oldest known map of Easton’s town lots dating back to 1700s

The numbered streets are names instead, hearkening back to the family of Thomas Penn’s wife, Lady Juliana Fermor, daughter of Lord Pomfret from Easton-Neston, Northamptonshire, England. Northampton Street is there, but no bridge where it meets the shore of the Delaware River. To cross, or get across the “Lehy,” you took the ferry — from Ferry… [Read more…]

The Yates Family Lived In These States

The Yates Family Lived In These States
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First Generation Yates
The line (so far) is traced to Roane County, TN and begins there with Miles Yates who married Debby Holmes there in 1840.
Second Generation
Son James Knox Polk Yates stayed in Roane County, but two of his children by his first wife, James William Milburn and Myra Yates migrated to Missouri with the Morrison family.
Third Generation
Jim Yates married Cerilda Breedlove in Missouri and at least one of their children moved to Oklahoma.  Almost all of the other Yates children migrated to Washington state to jobs connected to the lumber industry. They include: Lem, Elizabeth, Rhoda, Lydia, Will, and Martha.
Fourth Generation
One of Jim’s daughters, Cerilda, moved to California where she passed away. Son Will’s family (Gale, Guy and Waldo) stayed in Washington. (Guy passed away in 1938 in WA state).  Waldo (Wally) then migrated to Oregon for a short time and then settled in California.
This is a short snapshot of the Yates family migration from 1840 to the Present.

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