September 21, 2017

Military Funerals For Kitsap Veterans

No relatives were located for these military veterans who died here in Kitsap County, but their passing won’t be unrecognized or forgotten. These are their names:

Daniel Leeds, 61, died in 2002.

Marine veteran Ron Losinger, 62, and Edward Howell (age not disclosed) died in 2006.

Jens Hanson, 64, was a resident of North Kitsap when he died in 2004.

Two of the veterans lived in the Bremerton area and died in 2004 — David
Hagen, 54, of Tracyton and John Jay Knox Sheldon, 77, of Bremerton.

Please read the full story at The Port Orchard Independent website.

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Lone Sailor Now In Place In Bremerton, WA

Lone Sailor Statue Arrives on Bremerton’s Waterfront

As the daughter of a Navy veteran of WWII, I am happy to see this statue going up on the waterfront here in Kitsap County, WA. Bremerton is a well-liked area for Naval personnel, as well as retirees and their families. Because of our temperate climate as well as a wealth of activities that include ocean fishing, skiing, hiking and any other kind of outdoor activity you can imagine, we have become a sort of destination city and county.

Would you like to show your appreciation for all of our troops serving in the military right now? Head on over to eMOM (eMail Our Military) and see how you can make a difference!

Source: Kitsap Sun news site

iPentimento – COI 10th Edition – Costume

We’re celebrating the 10th Edition of the Carnival of Images with the word prompt: Costume


John and Mary (DeSpain) Whitmore center-front

Children behind L-R: Cordelia, John, Mariah, Mary and William

This photo was most likely taken before 1904 because the youngest boy, William, died in January of that year. I have chosen this photo for the Carnival because of the elaborate dresses the ladies are wearing.

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