July 27, 2017

Mary Holmes of Oregon City Joins The Prohibition Movement

They Wanted No Alcohol in Oregon Territory

When I became aware that the Ken Burns series Prohibition was going to be aired, it reminded me that in my research of the William Livingston Holmes family of Oregon City, OR I had run across this letter signed by several ladies of the Oregon City area supporting the cause of Temperance.

The document refers to Oregon Territory as the location in which they reside, so this letter to the Oregon Legislature had to be written between August 14, 1848 and February 14, 1859.  This document predates the actual Prohibition Act of 1919.

Admittedly, I haven’t studied this document recently, and I’m only familiar with one signature on it, that of M. A. L. C. Holmes who was the wife of William Livingston Holmes. If you’ve read any of the previous Holmes articles you will remember that W. M. Holmes was the sheriff of Oregon Territory at one time.

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Followup On Recorded Ancestor Post

After I posted Your Ancestor Might Have Been Recorded On Tape I got a reply from my local library via email saying the particular manuscript and audio recording wasn’t something the Oregon Historical Society loaned out. I was kind of expecting that, considering the fragility of the records.

What I was told I could do is to contact the Society directly and ask for a copy of the audio tape and a transcript of it as well; and as for the William Livingston Holmes documents, I will have to think about what I might want out of them, if anything.

In order to get any of the records it will cost me some money, which I will have to budget for over time.  At least I know where the records are, and that I will be able to get them if necessary. I’ll have to make sure I put it in my “to do” list. It’s already a pretty long list. 🙂

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