July 24, 2017

Sampson Go Mic and FlipPalâ„¢ Story Scans Are A Family Match Made In Heaven


What’s the use of recording your family photo’s history if your recording isn’t top notch? In my book, I want the best, and I’ve found that the good people at FlipPal â„¢ now have a premier portable USB device that clips right on your MAC or PC.

Samson Go Mic portable USB microphone Here’s what it says on the FlipPal site about this recording device.

Samson Go Mic


The Samson Go Mic is perfect for recording voice for StoryScans talking images, retaining the full fidelity of the speaker and reducing background noise. It records impeccable CD quality audio. Superior to the microphone that is built into laptop, phone, or tablet that is prone to hum, hiss, and tinny sound. Connect to your PC or Mac using USB – no drivers required.

It’s official: Kennewick Man is Native American

SEATTLE — Five tribes claiming Kennewick Man as a relative will work together to rebury him after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Wednesday it has validated the skeleton is Native American. Scientists at the University of Chicago this month documented they were able to independently validate last summer’s scientific findings as to the skeleton’s… [Read more…]

A childhood memory of Woodland Park Zoo’s gorilla Bobo

I can’t be sure what age I was when I saw Bobo the gorilla for first and last time in his short life. I didn’t even know his history that day at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. It must have been when I was of grade school age, but I don’t know why I was at the zoo, or whom I was with. I suspect it was my Moline grandparents, and maybe my own parents as well. In any case, there was just one mental scene I remember that included Bobo.

It was rather mesmerizing to watch him in his enclosure. I think he was all by himself and it seems like it was a sunny day. His zoo family of caretakers had given him a few slices of white bread and oranges cut in half. He held a slice of bread in his left hand and easily squeezed a half an orange over it so the middle was nice any orange-juicy. The next action is what surprised me. He then ate just the middle out of the bread and threw the rest away! This was my first experience with a living being that didn’t get admonished for wasting food.

You can read more about Bobo and his history at History Link, a free site for Washington State History.

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