September 20, 2017

iPentimento On Vacation

Thanks for visiting here today.

iPentimento is on holiday right now and will be back soon.

Carol is taking some much needed time off.

iPentimento Will Return Shortly

An friend’s emergency will have me offline for about a week.  Thanks for your visit today.

Wandering Back To Idaho Again

I have been invited back for another short stay at my friend Sheryl’s place in Idaho. Not sure when I will be back, so keep the home fires burning. 😉 It will probably be a couple weeks again. I am leaving this afternoon. 🙂

Will You Miss Me?

Tomorrow is the big day…I am leaving for Idaho and I won’t be home until August 19th, so no doubt you will miss me terribly. We are going up through Marysville, WA and on to the North Cascades Highway and on over to Spokane. I have lived in Washington State a good portion of my life, but I don’t think I have ever been on that route, so it should be really interesting, as well as scenic. I will have my trusty camera with me too, so pictures will be taken, and maybe not at 900 miles an hour as we whiz by!

I have not had time to work on this blog since Chris fixed it for me, so that will have to wait until I come back in a couple weeks. See you all soon-ish! 🙂

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