July 24, 2017

Responding To Lisa’s Callout: Belief and Hope Reign

Sometimes, I have to just smile at my own ability to keep jumping back into life. Sure, I have physical and emotional setbacks, but I still get up every day and ‘try again”. Lisa at Intrinsic Life Design has asked us to take this week and set some goals and express how we plan to accomplish them.

My reply would be that I am going to think more positively this week (and beyond!) about where my life is going, and how I can find a way to gather the physical strength as I begin a new course of study called Teaching Sells. I will be taking on a lot of work to create something that others will want to have. I have monetarily committed to take this course, which to me shows that I am serious about it.

13 Reasons To Enroll in Teaching Sells

Here are 13 reasons why you should sign up for the Teaching Sells course (Report: Teaching Sells):

The Teaching Sells training program is a comprehensive and detailed step-by-step guide to creating successful multimedia membership sites. It’s a complete methodology for choosing profitable topics, developing dazzling content, attracting paid members and building air-tight websites. – Copyblogger.

  1. 12 weeks of comprehensive and integrated course study online.
  2. Forum access to instructors.
  3. Learn how to create content that sells.
  4. Effectively Market Interactive Learning Environments.
  5. Create Multimedia Content Using Quick and Easy Tools
  6. Until midnight Oct. 31, 2007 the price for the course is $97.
  7. This is not a product launch, it is a lon-term business.
  8. The charter member fee is affordable and you should earn it back quickly.
  9. I have joined the program, and I encourage you to do the same.
  10. You have knowledge worth paying for. Cash in on that.
  11. We all want profitable content. This course will teach us how to build it.
  12. Ok, enough of the blathering about it, just take me to where I can enroll today.
  13. This could be the golden door that opens for your prosperity.
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