October 18, 2017

Investment Management Then And Now

My dad’s family, other than my grandpa Will Yates, most likely had no money to invest in the stock market at any time in their lives. That’s not so for my mom’s family who had a bit more education and so in turn, made more income and most likely did some stock trading in the 1940’s and 50’s.

It’s fun to contemplate which ones of my ancestors would have embraced new money management technology as we know it today.  Since my grandpa Al Moline was a user of modern technology during his lifetime, I imagine he would have engaged an online broker and done some online trading.

Online trading with firms such as First Trade make it so much easier to keep track of your IRA accounts, Stock Options, Mutual Funds and ETF’s especially when you can couple it with their free mobile app for mobile trading and take advantage of their competitive prices.

Sixty years ago Grandpa would have had to physically go into his broker’s office, which would have taken time away from his job as a lumber salesman in Seattle. At the very least, he would have had to make a phone call or two and hope to catch his broker in the office.  Being able to take advantage of online stock trading and money management is one of the benefits of living in our wired era.




Proxy Pro 7 For Remote Computer Control Worldwide

As someone who is the mother of an IT professional, I am well aware of how important it is to have high quality, reliable remote control software for use by businesses that need to perform service on their client’s computers.

It’s always imperative that any remote control software provides functionality as well as impeccable security. Proxy Pro 7 supplies just those requirements with 256 bit encryption — the highest in its class.

Proxy Pro clients are giving out kudos for the software, which also includes such features as:

  • Connection management (polling, always on service and next-gen Addressing); Windows authentication;
  • Authorization: (the ability to customize the authorization by role and apply it to specific computers), by IP address or even in stealth mode.
  • Encryption: Key Strength can be anywhere from 92 to 256 bits (the default) as well as Algorithms ( state-of-the-art AES or RSA and DES.
  • Auditing: Built into the software too is the auditing feature with which you can show the details of your connection-related actions in the Windows Event log on the computer.

How could your business use Proxy Pro 7? Perhaps for training existing employees or customers; immediate hardware and software support; and it works with Windows 7, Mac and Linux.  Works with mobile devices, desktops and servers worldwide.

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On Being The Bookkeeper

In the mid 1980’s my friend and I decided to start our own business and even went so far as to incorporate it, our thinking being that if we should run into anything financially untoward the corporation would bear the brunt, and not our husbands and their larger incomes.

We learned quite a few things about running a small business, like filing taxes, billing, bookkeeping and advertising.  I knew nothing about it, but I became the person who assumed the role of the bookkeeper and for us it was pretty cut and dried: small income in, costs and deductions recorded.  For busier small businesses though, having a QuickBooks Pro Adviser do their bookkeeping would be much more efficient and less time consuming.  I know if we had it to do over again, we would probably hire a bookkeeping service and work smarter, not harder.



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