October 18, 2017

iPentimento Is Helping Japan Too


As an affiliate of CafePress I’m adding this opportunity for you to help Japan recover from their disasters.  Please consider buying a T-shirt to donate to their recovery. Thanks!

Donate to the Red Cross and Help Japan

*I won’t be making any money from any sales via this offer.

Help Me Help The Salvation Army

I have made the red kettle below a link to the Southern CA Salvation Army Division if you would prefer to give directly to them that way. (Please leave a comment if you do. Thanks!)

I have never seen or heard of a more selfless and helpful organization than the Salvation Army. As I sat here at my computer today, I thought to myself, “What can I do to help?” It occurred to me that even though we have FEMA and the Red Cross, I knew that one of the most unsung organizations in the world is the Salvation Army. I am not going to cite all the ways they help their fellow human beings.

My husband and I already give regularly to the Salvation Army through his work, but I want to do more. I am grateful that our son and his family are safe down in CA, but so many other people are not, and they need our help.

Right now, they are doing all they can to help the first responders and evacuees in Southern California because of the fires. Their resources are not infinite though, and this is how you can help out. I have placed a ChipIn widget on here so that you can donate to them through me. I know, you have no reason to trust that I will make sure all the donations will go to The Salvation Army, but I promise you, I will do just that. I really want to help the people who have been affected by the California fires, or who need help in any way.

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