October 21, 2017

Showcase Your Pin Button Worthy Images With Pin Button Sidebar

Pin Button Sidebar


One of my most favorite things to do is pin things to my boards on Pinterest. I know you do too, which is why I originally started using the über popular Pin Button Attraction plugin on this site.  I want to share my photos and graphics with everyone, and by using the plugin it makes it easy for you to do so too. I am an affiliate of the plugin, but I know you will like it so I want you to know about it too. All that said, now there is a new accessory in the Pin Button toolbox and it’s Pin Button Sidebar.

How Does Pin Button Sidebar Work?

Pin Button Sidebar works in your composition dashboard and connects to your previous posts that containe images. When your readers are on your site there is a slide bar that will emerge from your chosen location on the page and present other images and showcase your other articles.  So what’s so special about Pin Button Sidebar? Most people just find an image on a site, pin it and go on their merry way. With PBA your articles with images are presented to your readers with an unobtrusive slide bar and makes it easy to pique their interest and create fans!

Click the link above or here and see this new plugin for yourself.

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