July 20, 2017

Tennessee Faces In the Woods

My friend Chris on Autofocused had a wood carving photo called Face In The Wood that reminded me of one of my Tennessee cousins. Well, the lady married one of my Yates cousins anyway. And what a very cool name she had. America Roxie Helton. I think you will see the likeness when you look at Chris’ picture . No unkindness meant to Roxie. I am sure she was a grand ol’ gal.


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Wordless Wed – November sky

November sky 2007

I walked out on our back deck tonight (27 Nov 2007) and took this photo just using my Fuji digital camera and the flash. For whatever reason, this is how it turned out. Kind of “other worldly” in a way. The tree in the middle is a Tamarack, one to the left is our red maple, and the Douglas firs to the right are quite a ways away (they are about 70 feet tall).

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They Stood For Liberty At Camp Dodge In 1918

This is just an amazing photo that was sent to me today by my sister-in-law . It is very possible that my own grandpa, Will Yates, could be in the photo too as he was stationed at Camp Dodge, Iowa during WWI. I made sure it was a real photo and not something “Photoshopped” by checking it on Snopes. It is real, and you can see even more photos like this on the Carl Hammer Gallery page. There is also a wonderful page you should visit that explains more about the photo here too. I know this is suppose to be “wordless”, but it is an amazing photo. :) Please click on the links for the full story!

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iPentimento Wordless Wednesday – 02 Jan 2008

:twisted: Cruella DeVille: She hasn’t found the puppies….yet.

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