October 22, 2017

HR 2824 Seeks To Punish The Cherokee Nation

H.R. 2824: To sever United States’ government relations with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

To sever United States’ government relations with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma until such time as the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma restores full tribal citizenship to the Cherokee Freedmen disenfranchised in the March 3, 2007, Cherokee Nation vote and fulfills all its treaty obligations with the Government of the United States, and for other purposes.

This is just shameful, and it makes me furious. Not only because my closest friend is Cherokee, but because it is just low. Earlier this year the Cherokee Nation voted to limit citizenship to those with Indian ancestors on the Dawes Roll. This wasn’t done out of hand, or without much thought and deliberation. It was what they thought was right and fair. They are a sovereign nation who have been governing themselves for centuries, with far more intelligence and dignity than has been granted to them by the United States.

Hasn’t this country done enough to the First Nations?

We can’t change the fact that when the first immigrants began arriving in the now United States that the sheer numbers of them succeeded in pushing the tribes out of their traditional lands and treating them very, very poorly. The concept of manifest destiny spread from coast to coast and touched all native peoples. Our ancestors told themselves it was “for the good of the country” and sent the Indians to live in places they would not live themselves. They took advantage of the Indian’s naivete and to this day would have them live in poverty and squalor. No one ever says it, but in my mind the whole purpose was to just erase them from this earth.

Now, we have a House Resolution to punish the Cherokee, one of the largest and strongest Indian nations in our country for choosing to govern as they see best. (Full text of the bill; and here are the current sponsors). After you read and get the gist of this bill, please do read the Assembly of First Nations press release dated 13 Dec 2007.

Contact your elected officials and take action to tell them you are against this interference in the civil and Tribal Courts. The link above will let you send an email to them, or a printed copy.

GovTrack.us. H.R. 2824–110th Congress (2007): To sever United States’ government relations with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma until…, GovTrack.us (database of federal legislation) (accessed Dec 15, 2007)

What Is The Next World Coming To?

Sheesh, I knew this was going to happen! Can’t I just have a soul PIN? :roll:


WordPress For Dummies Is Coming!

Rootsweb Gets A New Address

I suppose it was inevitable that when The Generations Network bought Rootsweb there would be some changes. It was announced today that there will be an address change for Rootsweb, but not a change in availability or affordability. It will still be free, which is very good news. If you are new to Rootsweb, its intent was that it would be by the people, and for the people, and it touted itself as the only free place on the web to find genealogical information.

As you can see from the comments on the link I included here, most seem to feel that this is the beginning of the end of Rootsweb as a free entity. We can only wait and see, I guess, but sad to say, it may be that once again greed will win out.

What will be different is that the Web address for all RootsWeb pages will change from www.rootsweb.com to www.rootsweb.ancestry.com.

  • Don’t forget the other enormously helpful (and still free) site USGenWeb is still available for your family history research needs too.

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