October 21, 2017

Quality Organic Meats You Can Purchase Online

My knowledge of what constitutes good beef is not from being raised on a farm, but from educating myself about what to look for in a good cut of beef all the way from the farm to the dinner table.

Mom taught me to recognize a good looking roast or steak by checking for marbling and seeing if it was USDA Prime Choice, etc.. Those days might be long gone, and now we look much more closely at how cattle are raised, what they’re being fed and how the farmer is keeping them healthy.

Still, we all want quality meat, and that means organically raised by a reputable ranch where you feel comfortable buying their products like steaks because they have made their operation as transparent as possible for the consumer.  It is possible to Buy Steaks Online and feel confident that the group of US family farmers and ranchers who made them available to you are adhering to their own strict standards of raising healthy organic food fit for your table.

The Niman Ranch website has lists of their chefs and food service distributors, some of their retailers and a few of their featured farmers which makes me feel like they’re meeting me half way on this healthy eating thing.  I was happy to see they have a listing for Washington state distributors, with the notice that those places will be “added soon”.  I’ll check  back  to see if that category fills up.

Compensated post. All opinions are mine.

If Only They Had Radiant Floor Insulation

How many of your ancestors endured cold cabin floors and would have been oh-so-happy to have warm floors with radiant floor insulation?  I know many of mine would have!

Some of my Moline family lived in cold and snowy (part of the year) Sweden before coming to the United States.  And where did they settle?  They were first in Minnesota and then moved on to a somewhat warmer climate in western Washington.  I say ‘somewhat’ because the Nordgrens lived in Bellingham, one of the coldest places in the Puget Sound area.

As it so happens, we will be remodeling our family room pretty soon and one of the things we plan to do is add a radiant barrier to three of the walls.  While this is a sponsored post, I honestly do intend to look into foil insulation because it’s eco-friendly, and not harmful to install, and cost effective.

The room is located on the south and west sides of our house and even if we did those two walls we would come out ahead.  The other wall is shared with the unheated garage, and so that would work great in that application too.  EcoFoil has many installation manuals you can consult, as well as a McAfee secure site for worry-free ordering.

My Aching Genealogy Back

Hours and hours, typing or looking at files, and what do you get? I think of it as ‘genealogy back’. You know, that feeling, right? There is a way to alleviate much the pain though, and that’s by doing some very simple back exercises to strengthen those muscles. Back2Yourself has a free trial offer, and if you like their ideas you can also invest in videos for continued daily guidance in your own home.


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